All our courses are designed to support the development of skills needed for education, employment, work and life and are aimed at those accessing a wide range of environments outside of mainstream education.

Digital Skills

Qualifications range from Entry Level 1 to Level 3.

Bespoke courses designed specifically for clients, accredited and unaccredited available.

Employability Skills

The Entry 3 to Level 3 Essential Employability Skills qualifications consist of four main subject areas:

  • Planning and Organisation
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Personal Effectiveness

We also actively deliver highly effective bespoke Employability & Basic Digital skills courses for those seeking work.

Personal and Social Education

The qualifications support learners to increase their skills and knowledge to improve their personal and social development and emotional health and wellbeing. This ensures that people become equipped and confident individuals so that they can effectively and successfully live in a fast changing society and fulfil their ambitions.

The qualifications meet the five different themes within the framework:

  • active citizenship
  • health and emotional well-being
  • moral and spiritual development
  • preparing for lifelong learning
  • sustainable development
  • global citizenship.

ESOL (English as a Second Language)

For those learning English as a second or additional language.

Our units focus on the skills required at all levels, accommodating learners from widely different educational backgrounds who may need to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.

We also deliver a highly effective unaccredited bespoke ESOL in the Community course for individuals and community groups, which has proven to support positive cohesive community outcomes.


Bespoke business and corporate subjects areas include:

  • Growth Mindset /Personal Impact & Effectiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivational & Confidence
  • Problems Solving & Team Building


We have a wide range of vocational courses /subject areas that can be delivered from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 (or as bespoke units) including:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Retail Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Horticultural